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Bournemouth Best Points

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Award Winning Bournemouth

Voted happiest place to live!

In a 2007 survey by First Direct Bank, Bournemouth was found to be the happiest place in Britain with 82% of people questioned saying that they were happy with their life
in the area. A large part of this is down to the unique blend of beach culture, an abundance of countryside surrounding the town and a vibrant city life all mixed in to one pleasant melting pot.

Bournemouth rainfall explained

Bournemouth rain is below national average!
Due to where town is positioned on the south coast it benefits from a temperate climate, with no extreme highs or lows in temperature throughout the year. Over the last 30 years the mean temperature has been between 10 and 12 °C (50 - 54°F). Average Bournemouth rainfall over the same period (592mm) has been half of the national average (1126mm)! The hottest months are July - August averaging at 12 - 22 °C (54 - 72°F) and the coldest are January - February averaging between 2 - 8°C (36 - 46 °F).

We have the most Blue Flag beaches in the UK!
This stunning 7 mile stretch of golden sand has consistently won a string of prestigious blue flag awards for overall quality of the beach experience, more than any other town in the UK. The award acts as a guarantee that the beach and the ocean are amongst the best in the world. These awards have a positive effect on the local economy, the beaches are one of the main reasons why the tourists visit us every year. The sea temperature is also one of the warmest in the UK on top of this.

Atlantic low pressures miss Bournemouth!
90% of the low pressures are born in the Atlantic ocean and then track diagonally from the SW towards the NE of the UK & Ireland. The low pressure then continues to travel diagonally across the country, mainly along the west side of the country in places such as Ireland, Cornwall and Wales, which get the brunt of the storms, finally finishing it's journey in the North sea. Bournemouth sits to the East of this typical weather pattern and often only receives the weaker edge of this system or no effects at all. Have a look at the latest Bournemouth weather forecast and then have a look at Ireland and Wales to compare, you'll see a noticeable difference!

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