Bournemouth Weather Forecast - Rain, Sun, Snow, Wind, Temperature

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4 Day Bournemouth Weather Forecast

Updated daily, plus live local weather conditions measured 24 hours a day. Shown in a simple to read chart, including cloud cover, average rain (precipitation), average sun, maximum air temperature in °C, wind speed in knots and wind direction. The climate predictions are shown in 3 hour intervals. We also provide an informative table showing Bournemouth's average monthly temperatures and rainfall throughout the year.

[Updated: 08 June, 2015]

Sunny Bournemouth




Best time to enjoy the Bournemouth weather?

Bournemouth is famous for a year round temperate climate and rainfall significantly below the national average.The best months in which to enjoy the best of the Bournemouth climate is between May - September, which is when our lovely weather quite often delivers temperatures between 15 - 25°C. If you wake up to cloud, don't fret, go make yourself a cup of tea and just wait a little, there's a good chance that it will have cleared by lunch time to give you a lovely sunny afternoon to enjoy on the beach. The coldest months are January - March, you will need to wrap up warm to go outside at this time of year. Quite often there will be frost early in the morning, but will thaw by mid morning. If you are curious at what the weather is doing right now then take a peek through one of our web cameras dotted along the coast. The best months for sunset watching are between September and October, which is when the sunsets are at their most colourful.


 Bournemouth's Micro Climate

Bournemouth's unique micro-climate is helped in part by the hills of the surrounding area, such as the Purbecks. I have often stood on the beach and looked back in amazement at the heavy cloud covering the surrounding towns while we have been enjoying lovely sunshine and clear blue skies all day! I'm glad to say that I get a great deal of satisfaction from providing the Bournemouth weather forecast, more often than not it is good news! Because of the unusually mild climate it rarely snows in Bournemouth, but if you drive a short distance in any direction away from the town centre you will probably find thick snow settling everywhere, strange! In Early 2010 when the whole country was gridlocked with snow for weeks, Bournemouth was the only place in the country that didn't get any!

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